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The declaration of light
     Light feeds all things. Illumination is the technology of lighting, sending light and controlling light. Lighting design is a kind of art which arrange for visual effects. All visual effects are arts of light.      
It is darkness on the eyes of lighting designer, darkness is the origin of all things. The pursuit of light makes us think about the nature of the binary opposition. In order to see the light, study the darkness. In order to hear the sound, study the silence. In order to create the flourish, study the concise and simple. This is the poetry of lighting design.
    It is our pursuing goal to create valuable light and achieve the best effect for our customers with the least light. Learning from the natural light, seeing the light without the lamp is the realm of our pursuit.
     A&P know the influence of light projection to objects, life, nature, society, and even the minds of people. With a kind of sensation to light, we will write all projects of our customers’ into a light legend.

    To provide high-quality lighting design services and to create valuable light for our customers;
put our customers on the first place.

    International concept and localized services, to be the best lighting design service agencies in China; lead 10 Chinese lighting designers to join IALD within 5 years, let the International Association of lighting designers to become China's lighting designer's club
      Passion, creation, light value


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