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Our idea of employing is not how to reduce the shortcomings of people, but how to reinforce the strengths of people.
A group of sheep which is led by a lion can beat a group lions which is led by a sheep . "Strong Captains is without weak soldiers", choose a good leader who can use talents, can improve you a lot in career. Bring out a group of elite will be the company's top priority. Human resources is one of the company's most important strategic resources, our company will do a good job of human resources development and planning, we believe that everyone can be talents with enough experiences. We believe that employees can affect company’s activities and the company's strategic direction and objectives consistent, also can increase the invisible assets.
One of the values of A&P existence is to provide a good business platform and a broad space for talent development.

Pleasant Talent Concept: building a potential platform for employees, strengthen their learning and training; implement the master management, and achieve staff value.
A&P’S leadership and supervisors play the following roles:
Training. This role requires a one-on-one teacher, all of training are made through people, and must be responsible for the development of the staff.
Vocational counseling. As a professional coach, the excellent designer will help and guide the new comers to explore their interests and ability in a very in-depth way, at the same time, enhance their professional working ability.
If a group want to be excellent, first, you should ask your employees to improve their performance. In other words, you need to make your employees work better on the basis of success; secondly, you need to encourage employees from poor performance to satisfactory performance.
Pleasant welcomes people who have a background in architecture, electrical, interior, garden, computer, and art join us. Our doors are open to you at any time. As long as you are interested in lighting, please fill out your personal information and send it to our mailbox [email protected]
Thank you very much.

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