Job Status
Employing The Concept Job Status
lighting designers    2 person

Job Description:
1, Major is in architecture, environmental art, aesthetics, landscape design and other related professional background, college education, oral English proficiency.
2, More than two years of professional lighting design work experiences
3, Skilled in using of various types of design software and animation production (such as: 3Dmax, Photoshop, AutoCAD, flash, Dialux, etc.), and can independently complete the indoor and outdoor lighting design,  familiar with lighting products.
4, work seriously practical, strong sense of responsibility, motivated, able to work under pressure.

Number of lighting design assistants   2  person

Job Description:
1,College education, a certain artistic experiences.
2,Well commonly used in design software, Such as PHOTOSHOP, 3DMAX, CAD, FLASH, and other software, excellent fresh graduates can be considered in some degree.
3, Being proficient in spoken English can be hiring prioritized.

Working Place: THE TOWN of  Longgang District  of  Shenzhen

Valid Time:           Before September of 2017

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