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A&P offer lighting Solutions for the owners, the city planning and construction departments, investment operators, brand operators, architectural design units, landscape design units, interior design units, lighting manufacturers and the general public and other needs of lighting professional services units and the crowd System.

System Lighting Solutions:
A&P services include: urban lighting planning, architectural and landscape lighting design, lighting design, intelligent light control, budget bidding, lighting engineering construction guidance, lighting commissioning and other services throughout the system process.
Lighting Environment Consultant:
A&P for the owners, the design subdivision of urban planners, architects, landscape designers and interior designers, lighting companies, lighting dealers, etc., to provide professional light environment advisory services. Services include: consulting guidance, training and promotion, whole design services.

Lighting and control systems R & D:
Based on the extensive experience in lighting design, we develop lighting equipment that are truly suitable for practical applications in terms of construction, optical characteristics, and installation methods. The lighting control system is an indispensable part of the entire lighting system. We are committed to research and development of advanced and effective lighting control systems that is suitable for the Chinese market, including hardware development, software development and system application research.
Lighting Product Evaluation:
We can provide product evaluation services for the lighting manufacturers as a professional first-class, experienced technical team, we will strictly abide by the service process for safety, with light, glare and other evaluation work.

As a lighting doctor:
As a lighting doctor, we offer a new service model for the lighting sector. To provide customers with a comprehensive solution,
we have a comprehensive testing, assessment towards the target site’s existing lighting conditions
Served customers:
We have served customers around the world, covering urban lighting, public buildings, star hotels, architectural landscape, commercial plaza and dining space, commercial chain shops and so on. Such as Singapore Tourism Bureau, Nanjing City Planning Bureau, Yangzhou City Construction Committee, Singapore National Library, Singapore National Museum, Hyatt Internation Hotel, Jinling Hotel, Hyatt Regency Hangzhou, Zhejiang Hyatt Regency Shaoxing, Changsha Hotel, Shenyang Grand Hotel, Carnival Hotel, Beijing Workers' Gymnasium, National Convention Center, Nanjing Olympic Sports Center, Causeway Bay Commercial Plaza, Suzhou Metro, Suzhou Wanda Plaza, Youngor Ningbo Head Office, Pacific Bird Ningbo Tianyi Square, Jordan National chain stores, Ordos Xi'an flagship store.


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