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    A&P has a set of standard in design results evaluation, only when the design result meets a certain score, then it can be submitted to the customer.

(Alex  Planners)design result Assessment Form

Order Evaluation Content Propotion Score
   1 Comprehensive Evaluation of Scenarios Based on Visual and Color  Theory 30%  
   2  Assessment of environmental functionality 14%  
   3 Performance evaluation color and material in architectural space 14%  
   4 Artistic assessment 14%  
   5 Energy-saved and environment-protected evaluation 14%  
   6 Purchasing and protecting cost evaluation 14%  

    Urban lighting planning and design charges according to the documents’ price of State Price Bureau, the Ministry of Construction documents [1993] 168 words, its fee also refers to the fee of China Urban Planning Association, "Urban planning and Design Billing Advice". Other indoor and outdoor lighting design fee, refer to the following table:

  Calculated according to   Calculated according to the area Note
total price's *8-10% 30-50/m2 300 /m2
I-A type

Museum           √      
Stadium           √      
Concert hall            √      
I-B type Hotel above three-star           √    
Senior clubs          √    
Advanced entertainment          √    
Senior department store          √    

Superior restaurant hotel
Top clothing store           √  
Top luxury store           √  
Senior villa           √  
Senior office building           √  
O Type Gym            √      

Golf course
Landscape            √      
Building lighting             √
Note: I- A type:  Indoor Lighting - Special Sites    I- B type: Indoor Lighting - Advanced Civil Use Sites                   type O: Outdoor and Large Area  Lighting
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