Service Commitment
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The quality assurance of A&P Lighting design results comes from our team's professional understanding of the design process and results, which let us pay more attention on design process management and manage the project more strictly.

Design quality assurance system

Order Assurance   melthod Guaranteed results
     1 Lighting Planners has strict design management system The seriousness of the design results
2 Lighting Planners has strict design process system Viewing  in " Process"
Lighting Planners' design result has pass the experts' assessment system 
The professionalism of the design results

4 Lighting Planners submits thedesign documents according the "
Building Lighting Design Standards" strictly(GB50034-2004)
Design results do not deviate from national standards
5 Lighting Planners integrates with "Light Effect"  "Purchasing Cost "  "Saving Energy and protecting environment"  "Protecting convinently " these four elements together. Provide design services that meet customers'  requirements

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