Service Consultant
Description Charges Commitment Consultant Service List
We provide professional light environment consultancy services for the lighting companies, urban planners, architects, landscape and interior lighting designers, Subdivisions.
Service Content:

Consulting guidance, training promotion, design package services.

In order to professionally and systematically serve our partners, A&P provides professional lighting environment consultancy services for the designer community, brand operators, fixture manufacturers and distributors in the light environment. The service is based on membership.

Membership Charter

A&P membership level and enjoyed service

Membership level  Diamond Grade                                                    Platinum  Grade                                                   
Service annual fee 200000RMB 160000RMB 80000RMB
Lighting technology training 12 times/year 6 times/year 4 times/year
Telephone lighting technical advice Unlimited Unlimited 24 times/year
Network lighting calculation Unlimited Unlimited 24 times/year
Analysis of Network Lighting Technology Unlimited Unlimited 24 times/year
Analysis of Network Lighting Art Unlimited Unlimited 24 times/year
Light ambient lighting detection 12 times/years 6 times/year 4 times/year
Free lighting design (Construction area of 2,000 square meters or less) 6 times/year 4 times/year 2  times/year
"Architectural lighting design standards"   (GB50034-2004 )
2 times / year lighting design salon activities

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